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Sildamax 100mg | Sildamax FDA approved? | Is sildamax safe? | Do Sildamax have Side effects?

General Questions:-

What types of tablets do you Sell?
Sildablue effeciently store medicine which are Generic but available at affordable cost. Sildamax is men's first choice as per survey and been competent to Kamagra for its quality results, being first choice of many men over other brand viagra.

Please, Explain about Sildamax ?
Sildamax stands in top selling tablets that people can discover in the market in United States and United Kingdom at the present time, and these promptly has help 85 Million mens for overcoming the erectile dysfunction. It has gain name for its self and this medicine contains Sildenafil citrate challening viagra in people's choice.

What is the package like?
The pills comes in blister, each blister consist of 10 pills. As per order, blister would be packed in brown paper package. When order goes about 60 pills, package get splits and shipped in two separate envelopes.

Are Sildamax Tablets FDA approved?
Sildablue only provide Sildamax products which are factory-made and shipped from Asian nation. The packages goes through custom checks for documentation then reach customers in respective countries.

My payment is declined. what's the reason?
Please, make sure, you've got provided the proper payment data, your mastercard company permits you to form on-line payments. Please make sure you have enough funds to avoid rejections.

Can I pay by alternative methods?
Sildablue only accept credit cards. The purchaser needs to provide details of card and approve the payment in bank to avoid overcharge or fraud attempt. In case to verify the customer is owner of card, not providing some other person's card, OTP verification will be conducted. As your payment is approved by our process centre, your merchandise is prepared to be packed and sent out.

Do you have any age restriction?
Offcourse, We ask for person's age to complete the order to avoid selling to underage.

In which countries, do you deliver?
We ship worldwide accept South Africa, middle east countries.

What if my order is delayed at customs?
If your order is delayed, you can call us to know whereabout details of your order, you can also use tracking ID provided to you after 24 hours of your purchase to track your order on

I haven't received a confirmation mail of my order. Why?
Sometimes, We receive incorrect email address from customer,to correct such issues, we will call for correct e-mail address. Else, email might need been blocked by spam filter. Call for confirmation mail and it will be resend.

How do I track my order?
Tracking your order is easy, You may check the order through Follow this steps, visit the website, submit the tracking number provided by CSR and know where is your package stand. Our customer care also keep our customers updated for all packages shipped via messenger.