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Privacy Policy

Privacy is the main concern consumers or customers have while buying online. Hence, it is our main priority and we make sure that we keep our consumer’s trust intact by safekeeping their privacy.

We have a very strict and highly secured website that prevents the information or details given by consumer from getting leaked or being found by spammers and unknown third party.

Read on to know how we keep all your information safe:

  1. 1. SSL secured website makes sure to keep your information in safe thus preventing leaking of the customer’s information. Customer information such as email id, phone number, credit card, and mailing address is used strictly for business purpose only. This protects all the information given by the consumer to us hiding it from the unwanted spammers.
  2. 2. We do not have any kind of system that records the information of the consumers. We make sure to safe handle all the information provided to us by the customer.